How to Be More Productive in 2020

January 25, 2020

Happy 2020! 


Like most people I've already spent the better half of January trying to figure out the best way to organize my thoughts and goal driven efforts for the year.  Having to operationalize this as a one-woman show isn't always easy. In most areas of my work I am the administrative assistant for others and myself, so I've had to find ways to automate certain processes and tasks.  Here are just a few tools that I've found useful.






Trello is great and can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple Store for free.  The mobile app is almost identical to the desktop view. It’s pretty easy to use and customize for however you decide.  This might actually be the hardest thing about this app, deciding how you want to use it. You can also work it with teams assigning tasks to individuals and building checklists within tasks and set due dates.



Microsoft 365 Planner




























The Planner app is also free to download on Google Play and Apple Store.  Some features on the app are different than the desktop version but it is an efficient tool, especially if you have outlook. (When you make comments on a task, the comments are sent to your email and whoever else is assigned to the task).  It’s helpful within a team that uses office 365 as they will receive updates even if they don’t have the app downloaded. This app also allows for you to set due dates.



Google Tasks





















Tasks by google is extremely basic, so basic that I prefer paper and pen.  Like the others it is available on Google Play and Apple store. There is no customization ability, no assigning to others, but you can schedule reminders.  However, you cannot assign anything to anyone. The one plus that sets this app apart from the others is that it is placed as a menu alongside your gmail inbox.


In a world full of apps and various ways to be productive these are the few that I have tried and come to rely on.  Do you have a favorite productivity tool that isn’t listed? Share it with me. I love to try new products for myself and potentially for clients.


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