Grow Your Customers Using Email Marketing Campaigns

April 1, 2019



For small businesses communication and engagement are crucial to building new client relationships and maintaining existing ones.  Taking time to craft a creative and enticing email can drastically improve how you connect with your target audience. Recent statistics show that email is more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping businesses gain new customers.  But how do those receiving the emails feel? In a time where social media dominates 60% of consumers said email marketing influences their purchasing decisions.  Let’s think about that.  If you’re an avid amazon shopper like myself and you sometimes leave items in your amazon cart you’ll start to notice those email reminders that you didn’t complete your purchase.  If you have the amazon app you might also receive notifications for deals for the same or similar items to the product(s) in your shopping cart.  This is something most online shopping sites do today and it's extremely effective.  As busy as I am at times I can appreciate the reminder and apparently so do most other consumers.  So how do you go about creating these beautiful emails that will draw your audience to connect and do business with you?  Here are a few platforms to start with.

Mailchimp is a great free option for an email marketing campaign platform.  You get up to 2000 email subscribers and 12,000 emails sent a month for free and there are a lot of tutorials on mailchimp and youtube.  I personally like this platform my business.

Constant Contact
Constant Contact is another a pretty popular email marketing campaign platform.  It’s a bit more costly than Mailchimp starting at $20 a month for up to 500 email subscribers.

Wix Shout Out
If you have a wix website (like myself) you able to use wix shoutout within the limits of your plan.  Initially I started out using the wix shout out for my email marketing.  It’s very clean, simple, and easy to navigate.  It comes very close to a 1, 2, 3 and click process.



9 Best Email Marketing Services Compared on Isitwp is a blog that lists and ranks various email marketing platforms for you to choose from with more detail.


You may be reading this blog and decide that you just don’t have the time or even the desire to dedicate time and effort to creating these emails.  Trust me I understand. As an entrepreneur and/or sole-preneur it’s hard to work in your business while simultaneously running and managing your business.  Hiring a consultant to take over this and other administrative tasks for your business is something worth researching and investing in. At least 60% of consumers think so.

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