Money Comes & Money Goes

January 16, 2014

Learn ways how to maximize your "after the bills are paid" income for a little more breathing room between pay checks.
















It's hard to pay bills when the household inward flow of funds does not line up with the scheduled outward flow of funds. One way to close the gap is to change your bill due dates to the 24th - 31st of the month. Changing the date allows for more inward flow of cash throughout the month, and not just for the bills, but for other necessary day to day things that need to be purchased.


Another way to maximize your pay check after changing the due date is to pay half of each bill each and every pay day.  This may not always work as some bills due dates are not changeable, however in most cases this can be very effective and help to increase your daily living funds in between pay checks.


- Shana A. Willis

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